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I am working in a neighborhood pulling over trees. The HOA clearly communicated I would block the road occasionally to fell a tree. I am using 3 DOT triangles that are about 12” tall. EVERY DAY a homeowner threads through the triangles. Today they ran over my pull rope after the tree was down. I had just put down the saw and a dude weasels through and runs over my rope after I am yelling to stop.
The HOA is buying me a new pull rope but I am more concerned about folks getting hit when I am felling. What do you all use to block off a road when you need to?

I set up the triangles 2 tree lengths away from the lay. I’m thinking I’ll buy 2 18” safety cones to put between the triangles.


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I've had this exact trouble for 25 years but it's getting worse. I've had bicyclists pull up my caution tape blocking a sidewalk and go under it and ride right on through. The only thing that has worked 100% is to call a state trooper and have one at each end blocking the road. Luckily I have a few that are willing to help. Besides that, having enough help to have several people constantly watching for intruders. If I think I'm going to need such I'll just add it to the estimate as a separate cost and just pay them to keep people ran out all day. I too have had people run over my rope as soon as the tree hits the ground. I've had people run through my cones and get them hung under their car and drag them off never to be seen again. I gues their still dragging them around to this day. A couple months ago a woman in a new camaro got out, moved my cones and started driving in. I was on the ground raking. As I started running at her car swinging a rake she finally stopped. I could have been nicer to her but at the end of the day my mood isn't as good as it could be sometimes. After it was over she backed out, put the cones back and drove the extra block to get where she needed. Where I live the City is happy to help. They'll even bring out barricades and cones and even call the emergency services and let them know the road will be closed for the day. If we need the road closed for a few hours I'll call them. Generally I just need it blocked for an hour or so.


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Sometimes easier to stop work for a minute and let them through if circumstances permit it. Just gotta make sure everyone is on the same page.


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Thanks folks! It’s just me working but I’ll get larger cones and maybe park my truck in the lane. I let folks through but my main concern is to keep folks away from my drop zone.

Thanks for the tip on the rope too. I appreciate that. I’ll wash it this weekend.


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We use 28” reflective cones, 10 each on the chipper and skidloader trailer, so there’s alway 20 on each site. A solid row across the street stops most cars, and we use spotters on both ends of a closure if we have to drop something in the road.

We’ve been considering using Flagger Force lately too, because we keep having more traffic trouble, and Flagger Force is not terribly expensive, especially considering how they take on all the liability of the road closure.


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While working in ESL neighbourhoods, we've resorted to running double rigging lines across access paths, especially for pedestrians. Use whatever physical barriers you can while on site, sometimes it's a dolly, a ladder, your garbage cans, or like I said just ropes strung up across the path in doubles, so they can't step over OR duck under.

I've also had a car ignore traffic control, drive AROUND the person holding the stop sign, and get hit by a top that we were dropping across the road. The guy must have been pretty embarassed because he drove off and never stopped to say anything.

*The top was already started to go on this tree when the car pulled this maneouvre. Thankfully it pretty much just scratched the guy's car and didn't do any significant damage. Luckily we weren't flipped logs ...

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
I’d caution against using rope as a ‘Fence’ to keep people out of a work zone. If a person hits it and gets hurt because it didn’t break you’re going to be liable.

There are OSHA standards for what can be used to set off a work zone


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Signs and cones are cheap advertising of professionalism, as well.

Dollar Tree had small cones with reflective tape.

Useful for the backyard while regular cones are at the public interface. DT cones are rigid plastic and won't take impact. Will mark out irrigation heads well, at 15% of the price of cheap Tree Stuff cones, and probably 25% of the weight. 8 DT cones are taking about the space of one TS cone.


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Gap Arborist also sells cones, and rather cheap. Ray got a deal on them by the pallet, so we’ve been buying there. He has big orange cones, and little green ones with Drop Zone printed on, for obvious purposes. Far cheaper to buy good cones than to buy some fool a two month stay in the hospital!

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