Revolution stump grinder wheel and extra teeth


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I've got a Revolution stump grinder wheel by New River Manufacturing. Came off our 2019 Bandit 2550xp. Has less than 150 hours on it, comes with hundreds of dollars of new teeth and nuts, and used teeth that can still be sharpened. Think all this is over $1800 retail, looking to get $980.00 obo plus freight. Shoot me a call or text with any questions or concerns - 425.269.4279



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I had an alpine rhino in the garage that I liked more. Reduced the price to $850.00 obo, just want to move it.

Call or text with any questions or concerns - 425.269.4279.

I’m curious why you liked the alpine rhino better. Our company is purchasing a new grinder and we’re considering what wheel we would like on it. Just trying to get feedback on the different wheels out there.

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