Reusing your wood chips


Any of you guys reusing your own wood chips to mulch around clients trees? I usually purchase native wood mulch from the local county extension because its gone through the correct process but was wondering how many of you guys just reuse your own? What is the correct process? Just let it sit and cook and turn it every once in a while?


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I reuse about 20 yards a year on my planting projects. I'll normally dump them in a pile this time of year. Let the leaves break down for a month or 2, then turn. Let sit over the winter, and use in May. They have to be high quality chips for me to keep them. Normally grab the first few loads after changing the knives and adjusting the anvil.


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Fresh whole tree chips are great for the tree and the soil biology. Just spread them under the tree (do not dig in) 3" to 4" deep.


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I use chips for walking paths on customers houses or on some we have cleaned out the woods n covered the ground with but for mulchin, no I only use re ground mulch.