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Just snapped the handle off on my echo 355t. Think it would be cost effective to repair it? The orange molding that snapped under the chain brake is what makes me question the repair route. Unless it's all just a plastic shell that is easily replaceable.


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I had a similar experience with my 2511, it surprisingly was only about $60 in parts to get it back together and running again.

YMMV but its probably worth pricing out the parts at least

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Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Epoxy repair procedure.

Swiss cheese the area to patch with a small drill bit, ⅛" or aware of what is on the other side.
Use quick set epoxy
Mix and wait just a bit. You want the epoxy to be like thick peanut butter
Spatula the epoxy on and force some through the Swiss cheese holes. The epoxy will mushroom on the other side and acts like a washer and nut or pop rivet
Smooth out the epoxy
Let it set up
Mix another batch and spread it on. Let the second layer cover the first and out a bit more. Ever done any sheet rock taping? Same idea


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Well I decided to both repair and replace. Need a capable top handle sooner than I'll be able to repair. Part of buying the saw in the first place was its half the price of a 201 so if anything went wrong with one i could get a second and keep going. Do have to admit I was thinking of a mechanical problem and not being caught half a second late pulling out of undercut and snapping plastic. Guess that explains the price difference. And I could actually find one in stock. Going to order a new one and give it my best go taking it apart and back together. Always been better at taking things apart tho. Failure equals a parts saw success will mean sending it off to get ported. Either way lessons learned.

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