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Hello Everyone,

Have a customer who has some red pines growing on the property. Two of them got taken out a couple weeks ago because thery were 100% dead, no needles at all and insect damage to trunks. Pictured is one that has been brown since the beginning of Spring but I am not sure how it looked last fall. The tree to the left looks like it is also browning out. I am assuming fungus from the needle pics but looking to get other suggestions as to nail down what it is. The trees are right across from the beach and we have seen many many evergreens / small evergreen shrubs die this spring from the winter we had. We got first snowfall Nov 15th which is early and I am assuming early frost got the best of them so I wonder if that also contributed. This property also got flooded last winter (March 2018 - Salt Water). I am in zone 5 Maine.

Over the winter the driveway got salted one time but I do not think that is the issue because the tree to the left is actually closer to the driveway and salt was put down closer to that tree.

It looks like some form of needle blight.


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Salt was my first guess, but sounds unlikely by your discription of the driveway. If a bunch was dumped by that tree (shoveled or plowed to its base) that could explain it? Is that normal progression of Dothistroma within canopies? Doesn't look like diplodia which is super common in red pines here.
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