Quik-jet Air, FSeries Tree IV, or BioForest EcoJect??


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Just saw this thread...we use the ecojet and love it. We like the ability to prefill all of the canisters at the shop, or take the equipment along for filling on the job. All of the canister can be put in at once for much quicker per tree time, and you don't have to deal with a high pressure air tank like the quickjet air system. I had quickjet air, but sold it after using the ecojet.


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No issues with the quick jet air here. For the most part uptake is good, would occasionally hit times when it was slow; hot days toward end of day, days with less wind and high humidity all seemed to be factors environmentally. Tree health and condition also seemed to be a factor.

Watch your pressure as others have stated. But it’s a very efficient system. We were injecting between 40-60 ash a day and sometimes hit 80-90.

To me injection is far superior to basal drench. You’re protecting off target impacts like soil biology, aquifers and beneficials that are in the soil.

In my book it’s a no brained injection > basal drench.

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