QuickJet Air tool belt


Wilmington, DE
With EAB injection season upon us, I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a wearable, Batman-style tool belt/holster for Arborjet's QuickJet Air. The tool bag it comes with is OK, but I've found it a little cumbersome to move around trees while injecting, especially if there are under plantings. Arborjet's CO2 powered Viper has (had?) a belt that held the tank and injector, so that's the vein I'm thinking. I've tried a carpenter's belt, but the pockets weren't deep enough to hold the air tank securely.


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Look at a paintball tank holder. I have no experience except seeing one used one time when i first started but it looked very similar. Or a surplus store may help you build a batman belt


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Might have to DIY that one dude. Uptake has been slow this week so I've been using the IVs
You guys have 3/4 leaf out already? Our ash are slowwww to leaf out this year.
I wait till mid June to start injecting. Always too slow with the uptake before that.


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Yeah we're there, pretty early spring for us though I have seen some white ash taking their sweet ass time leafing out.

Got a bunch of rain last night so monday should be good for injecting.

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