Quick Edit, cottonwood removal with 55 ton

Here is a quick Video Edit from a pretty fun crane removal our team did last week. We’re in Minnesota and this job site was on an island on Lake Minnetonka. Basically a brand new 55 ton crane and as always, landing zone was a little tight. Some rubbing but no scratches on the new iron! We’re lucky to have so many good crane contractors in the Twin Cities, this was with Northland Crane Service. I’ve never done a cottonwood this large before. At first I was underestimating the tip weight of the brush a little. However, we made the appropriate adjustments and got some really smooth picks.

Hope you enjoy, feel free to share any comments below. Thanks.


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45 ton I believe. I have jacked over some silly back leaners with my Salt Creek. Strong as shit, light as a feather, and withthe gauge you always know whats going on with your tree. Killler tool.
What is the tool you were using when felling the trunk aside from wedges? Pretty new, I've yet to see that :b
sorry for such a late response but correct, it is a bottle jack. Great for a back leaning stem with so much volume. A steel plate is nice to keep the top from pressing into the wood. We opted for this method this time because we were felling onto ice. If we relied solely on the skid steer there’s a chance the tracks would slide rendering it basically worthless.

In case anyone was wondering, we had the tag line on the butt of the spar just to make 100% sure it didn’t bounce into an extremely expensive boat lift next to the stump.