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Newbie here,
I just replaced my Stanadyne DB-4429-528 with a rebuilt pump. My motor is a jd 4045t.
It all started with the old pump not starting when the motor ran up to temp. I would dump cool water over the pump to conferm the theory and it fired right up, I did this 4 times and it worked every time. I had an old pump rebuilt a year ago so i put this in with the motor a tdc cylinder 1 and lined the marks on the pump and timing case. Will not start unless I give it throttle. It will idle and run fine after starting I can put the throttle all the way back in to idle. When I throttle up to chip something it gives a quick puff of black smoke but clears quickly. Could my timing be off? Will this damage my motor to run it till I can fix it?
Thanks in advance


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