Propping a Locust tree that's in decline

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Hello guys, first post here, trying to postpone the removal of a 26 DBH locust tree for a client until after they are gone The clients are old and this is the central landscape feature on their property. It's leaning towards the house as well as suffering a large cavity and some significant dieback. I'm considering bracing the two largest limbs with some steel braces installed at an angle tbd. I am recommending having their regular crew do some weight reduction over a 5-10 year timeline as well. Recommending they leave the lowest limbs to house so it won't fall so far it comes down.
I plan on setting the posts in concrete after compacting the post holes with a jumping jack and or floor jack.
Any thoughts on angle/prop install? I've considered a deadman anchor to guy the good side as well.


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At a glance, reduction would seem like enough, retaining lower foliage as you mentioned. My guess for this one is that reaction wood is outperforming decay. Reduce and monitor? Small tree in a sense. I've seen a Locust very similar fall on a house, with minimal damage. A prop may affect resale of the house, not a deal breaker but aesthetic deterrent. idk, just thoughts

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I've seen a Locust very similar fall on a house, with minimal damage.
It’s a little wild but this was also my thought. What would the damage look like if it did fail at the base? I’d think fairly minimal. But I do think a minimal intervention for the short term is great.

Aside from some tip weight reduction on house side, my impression was that a bracing system for this tree with its geometry would be something like a tree jack (pic attached). These all dig into the cambium quite a bit so you wouldn’t want to use this directly on the tree. There’s lots of ways I might do this depending on what tools and materials I had on hand. Others here will have a lot of experience with permanent professional grade braces... hope it goes well. Looks like a beauty.


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