does anyone have a resource for proposals and invoices.
there is alot of room for improvement the way i do things now.
do most of you get a signed agreement before doing the work?
thank you for any input you may have
If you're are a member of TCIA, they have a book (free) that contains forms used by tree services all over the country. If someone has been a client of ours for awhile, we don't always require they sign. New clients always.
is tcia worth it? this whole networking thing is new to me as well. it is amazing how much you have to gain through sites like this.
i used to climb them, cutt them and clean them up. one way for many years. once again time to start learningagain.
Yes! They are not that much into "tree care" but rather "Tree Business Care." Their Model Company Safety Program is just the ticket to a strong company safety culture. They also have 'management guides' for everything from accounting to how to pay sales staff.

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