Propiconazole & Pentra Bark?


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Quince rust on hawthorns right next to houses, which is why I was looking at alternatives to complete spray coverage. What are others using for rust control? The makers of pentra bark say some university studies have shown good results with the combo to control apple scab. But I'm a little skeptic.


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OK, Thanks for the feedback!

Why is phospho-jet labeled for scab:

But agrifos is not:

They are the same active ingredient just different application methods (trunk injections vs foliar spray or basal bark spray)
Old thread but I use it. The phosphite fungicides generally will give you "suppression" for those diseases on the label that aren't oomycetes. I believe this is due to these products causing some Systemic Induced Resistance (SIR OR IRS) However, if used as a tank mix partner with say Prop or Eagle for foliar applications, disease control will be excellent and less active ingredient of the Triazole can be used. Some info available on the subject in a back issue of AUF.
I would be skeptical about using a phosphite exclusively for scab via injection, trunk, or foliar sprays but I could see it being fairly effective in a low disease pressure season.

I use them more for trunk sprays on cankers, phytophoras, general stress induced "decline", and cleaning flairs after RCX and root pruning. Can be a great shot in the arm in conjuction with corrective cultural practices.

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