Priming diesel

Serf Life

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Hadn’t heard of this technique before; spray diesel into air intake as someone cranks it over. Those stupid hand pumps take forever.



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I know gas and diesel are different animals with diesel having a higher flashpoint, but a word of caution. A buddy of mine in high school did this same thing with a gas engine in an ag class, but was pouring gas in instead of using a spray bottle like in the video, when it backfired and sprayed gas up into his face. The guys working with him at the time had to tackle him as he was running to put the fire out.

Merle Nelson

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I'm game. If I ever run out of diesel I would like to give it a try.

Mechanical aficionados, any down side besides possibly being a human Roman Candle?


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The obvious backfire is a definite risk, especially with turbocharged engines with intercoolers - think “exploding intercooler” Big, expensive bang! I also don’t think the intercooler or turbo intake would like to be full of diesel, as it’s made to handle only air, not a fuel mixture.

I have used a SMALL shot of starting fluid to kick start a cantankerous pruning pump on older mechanical engines, but that’s risky too, especially on newer engines. The injectors on new engines require fuel flow to keep from burning the tips out, if they get hot, i.e. from a misfiring/clogged injector, the tip can burn out, and the injector then needs replaced. That’s a $200+ cost for each injector, with a labor cost of often thousands. I also wonder the potential for damage just from cycling the injectors dry, will that cause unnecessary or possibly severe wear to the injector components?

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