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Tree company looking for experienced climber, Trainee or ground person. Rope climbing and ability to use spikes is preferred. Experience with pruning for structure and tree health is preferred for both large and ornamental trees. The knowledge of rigging and rope work is also preferred. The ability to safely remove trees in tight locations with climbing, rigging and felling skills is preferred. Applicants also need to be comfortable with safely working around large equipment such as cranes, chippers, tractors and trucks. Knowledge of safe chainsaw and chipper operation is required. The ability to work safely in a group setting and communicate with fellow coworkers and customers is also required. The ability to drive large trucks and a valid drivers license also required.

Practical Arboriculture is a tree centered company, focused on tree preservation and generally doing what is right for both the customers and the trees. We offer competitive wages, vacation, profit sharing, extended holidays and skill development. Climbers can expect to make between $18-$25 per hour and ground work will start between $12-$18 per hour depending on experience and leadership ability. Climbing and safety equipment will be provided.
Jason Knies
Practical Arboriculture
If add is still up job is still available. Calls preferred please leave a message my voicemail is for my furniture company but you have the right number.
Jason Knies
(540) 605-6158

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