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Anthony Bauwens

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I am interested to know if any UA's have a or use a powerline/hardware/ identification reference guide or something similar to help aid risk assessments and or on site recognition of potential hazards. I dont work specifically with a utility contractor but as a residential climber I end up around them often. thank you


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I know here in Iowa a residential climber can't work within 10ft of a powerline legally. I am a line clearance trimmer and have to go to safe zones quite frequently so that a private company can complete the task. I will dig around and see what I can find for you.

Jim Maloney

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Hi Anthony.
I'm a UA in Central NY and I also sit the UAA's Training Committee. What you are looking for varies by the construction standards of the local utility. I can get you a visual guide to the identification of what’s on a pole here which may translate to what you see there but no guarantees.

The right way to go about learning is to take a EHAP course. If you check out the TCIA website, look under training, then EHAP. You’ll also note that some of the training is FREE! Yup. FREE! TCIA received a grant from OSHA to give the training at no cost to the attendees so if you can find one local – GO!


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. The hardware and setup of the electrical systems in cities vary dependent upon the utility that owns/maintains them. I would start by touching base with the Forrester overseeing the UA's in your area. This will help insure you get pertinent information for your area.

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