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Has anyone else been using the ploe saw less since changing over to SRT? I was working on a White Oak today pruning all the dead out of it ( even the twigs.....) and I had noticed the things that I would have used a pole saw for in the past (Dbrt) I was not due to the ease of being able to place a redirect basicly anywhere I needed. Well anyway made for better cuts.

Tom Dunlap

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Good point!

Interesting to hear how one tool, SRT, has lead to using another tool less, polesaw. Would this be considered an evolution?


Thats a good thing, cause in my oppinion a pole saw out of controll is one of the biggest threats when using a basal anchor.

Evolution, well all change is evolution, but not allways to the the better. Time will make the final judgement.


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I rarely use a pole saw. Haven't for years. Figured if I wanted to be a better climber I was going to have to climb.

I do not work position single line. I prefer the benefits of doubled rope work positioning systems.

Seems like its more of choice style as opposed to a benefit of one system over another.



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I am not sure what trees you are climbing and what kind of pruning you are performing but here in Southern Ontario a pole saw tends to reduce pruning time by 25% or more.
Not looking to argue, but from the trees I work, the pole saw is my best friend.
Any chance to monkey around and I love it but when it comes to production ie dollars its the big stick that gets me home to a cold one faster.


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Rope shield,

Same trees. Your only a few hours north across that set of puddles! As climbers we can debate time, efficiency, systems and all the rest. At the end of the day it is quality and placement of individual cuts that matter for pruning.

If you can accomplish this with a pole in your hand all good. I have found that I can do it better and faster without. This is compared to no one but myself. This has nothing to do with the fact that I climb with double rope systems as opposed to others. Not using a pole saw is a choice unrelated to my work positioning system.

I am not starting a contest here. Any one can learn to climb trees safely, rather quickly given the right motivation. It is what you do up there that separates good from bad, arborist from hack. There are many ways to accomplish good pruning and many tools too choose from. Hence, the wonderful days all around.



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Not using a pole saw is a choice unrelated to my work positioning system.


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Though I only use SRT at this point to access the tree I don't agree that work positioning systems have no effect on pole saw use or not. To take it to an extreme a lanyard/spike climber only.......the pole saw would be much more likely come much more in play. Likewise it's only natural that any system that makes moving to the extremes of a tree easier for a climber is likely to trend in less pole saw use.

It's easy to see that SRT is going to get more dominate as time goes on.