Plagued Squirrels: Control?


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So, I got a forwarded e-mail showing that there was a squirrel found with the Plague. I have noticed, that when I climb a tree with multiple squirrel nests, I will have flea bites all over my body the next morning. (If there aren't babies in them, I knock the nests out, at the customer's request). Consequently, for about a week my family and I will have flea bites all over. It will take us about a week to get rid of the fleas. (Borax sprinkled in the carpet & washing every thing works).

It concerns me to find this out because I would be certain that it would not be an isolated case. And, like I mentioned, I get bit from fleas that come from squirrels. (We don't have any pets either).

In my town, squirrels are over populated. They are damaging and killing a lot of trees over here. If the public finds out that they have the plague, I think they might react and want them gone.

Question 1: Should "squirrel control" be a service tree companies should consider? Or, would that be un-P.C.?

Question 2: Anyone have any traps they could loan me?

I hope this reads well. I'm tired and I shouldn't be starting a thread...


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The plague in Europe was spread by fleas. What does the city pest control officer say about the squirrels dieing?

There your NOT hangin' any MORE!!!!


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I would imagine that the average citizen's chances of catching fleas/plague from a squirrel are slim to none. Tree guys may have slight risk, wildlife rehabbers would need to be careful.

I handled 5 orphaned baby gray squirrels this year, they were covered in fleas, fortunately the fleas didn't migrate to me.


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I don't have traps now. Used them for our extra house in Applegate Valley near Medford, which is now for sale.

Caught up to 4 squirrels in 1 day with two traps. Caught 8 in five or six days.

I just put peanut butter in them.

Figured out that in hot weather, the traps need to be put in shade or covered on top because the metal can get real hot, and it may be hours until returning to the trap.

We released them at the park 2 miles down the road.


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Jamin, it may just be an excellent business opportunity. Are there wildlife control companies in CO? Do they have staff trained in climbing trees or do they just get a bigger ladder?

Hmmmmm..... Definitely time to start wearing insect repellent when doing trees with nests.