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Curious about folk's thoughts about this group of fungicides (Agrifos, Fungi Phite etc). Labeling includes phytoph, pythium, downy mildews etc as well as supression of unrelated fungal species.
Agrifos at one time had labeling for "general tree decline" or something close to that and I would like to hear other's experiences and thoughts about these product's claims of systemic induced resistance, SIR. Helpful for diseases not specifically on the label?

Perhaps good for supressing fireblight in very large pears or others? Had very good successes with Phy bleeding cankers with the trunk spray rate.

At face value, a strong labeled rate trunk spray application seems very noninvasive because there is no drilling involved. However, having seen what this does to nearby foliage, moss, lichens etc, I wonder what this method could potentialy doing to phloem and cambium just under the bark?

Good products? Ok? Hoakum? Let me know


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Same here. In the past I have used for other cankers such as spruce Valsa/Cytospora although I now just recommend just removing BS blue spruces...
Found we can extend lifespans of some trees with problems that arent on the label. I've found that it can work well in conjunction with cultural improvement projects.

Another use Ive employed is using that phosphite/PB mix to clean off trunks and flairs after a deep RCX. I rinse this area with water first then the mix.
I'm ok with suppression. We've been using the mycoject injection caps from mauget. The problem being I don't like drilling into trees and we also had some trees with foliar burn due to the injection.