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Plant Health Care Specialist:
Job Description

Almstead PHC Specialists work with the latest technology and information in treating our customer’s plant health care problems. As an Almstead PHC Tech, you will posses a strong horticultural background as well as extensive field skills that will be necessary to help you identify different plants and shrubs as well as indicators of possible plant health problems. You will evaluate, monitor and treat for insect and disease conditions as well as soil conditions. You work closely with arborists, providing critical feedback and recommending the appropriate treatments to plant health care problems. We work hard at making sure our PHC Specialists are the best in the business, from getting the right people, to continually providing them with the resources, tools, and education they need to remain leaders in their profession.

  • Evaluate, monitor, treat for insect & disease conditions as well as soil conditions
  • Ensure proper filling/mixing procedures and material dilution are followed
  • Understand, operate, and maintain state-of-the-art equipment
  • Learn to identify common trees and shrubs
  • Learn and understand insect & disease life cycles
  • Maintain safe and controlled work environment
  • Provide accurate & timely record keeping
  • Adhere to company safety policies, state and local regulations
  • Maintain open communication with consulting arborist and clients; provide feedback on plant health care issues
Requirements: Two/four degree in arboriculture, forestry, horticulture, floriculture, silviculture, plant science, plant pathology, plant biology, environmental science or other related field; minimum five years industry experience would also qualify. Knowledge of common trees & shrubs preferred. Excellent communication skills and a valid driver’s license. Exp. Required: 2 years
Excellent Salary/Benefits Package:
Company 401K savings plan with employer contribution
Company medical/dental plans w/employer contribution
Employee recognition awards program
Team building events – annual picnic and holiday parties
Paid vacation, personal and holidays
Long Term Disability
Continuing education reimbursement
Strong mentoring and training program

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North Carolina
What are the base salary or hourly rate ranges? I'd like to get a better understanding of what specialists in this field are paid.
Craig, Sorry for the delayed response. The hourly rate for this position is anywhere from $17 to $32 per hour dependent upon qualifications and experience. Please send me your phone number so we can discuss your qualifications.


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North Carolina
Thanks for the response. I was actually just trying to get a better feel for what is fair compensation for my own employees. I appreciate your time. Looks like you've got a great tree company, decades ahead of us. Good luck with your hires.

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