Petzl ZiGZag SOLD


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Hiram, GA
A0743BAA-0A43-4FDB-ACE3-2FCA39F4BAE5.jpeg 5C9C5F73-AA3C-49D0-AE95-CABE1B88C526.jpeg 99F1948F-7501-43CE-AF02-E5C5F1A950E7.jpeg F5440E38-013F-465F-A1DF-1611D1099B15.jpeg 8737DC3B-D749-4E75-9055-8305FC6BD452.jpeg FB4369BE-7D10-42AB-AAF4-819A13EB412A.jpeg 0294EF13-7C17-4C00-BEAD-86417A9E6B84.jpeg 529B7250-3662-475A-A4FC-888A798F4848.jpeg Version 3, climbed with it 4-5 times recreationally. I am not an Arborist, this ZigZag has never seen sawdust.
Climbing mostly with the BDB, Wrench and Rig....this has just been sitting in the bag not getting use is the only reason I’m looking to sell.
$195 shipped USPS Priority to the 48.

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