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I usually like to use my center D as my attachment point for both caribiners in my climbing system, but recently I have been trying the Petzl Swivel. I have it attached to a piece of 1/2" rope that runs between the two side loop attachment points on either side of the center "D". It slides nice and serves the purpose but there isn't really enough room for 2 biners. Does anyone else use it? How do you incorporate it into your system?


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Hi Joey ,

I know what you mean .A lot of people jam two carabiners in there. Personally, I dont like the thought of two alloy biners rubbing together at the top of that apex.
Mountain tools in California carries a swivle that still meats standards , but has a wide opening to it and can handle two biners without a problem.I use the Petzle swivle, but with my set up, I can hook into into my delta link, wich my swivle is hooked to for a secound tie off point .Why are you hooking two biners in there anyway, for double tie off ? if not you really only need one in there.
I lost the link to the co. but I will try and find it again and send it to you ..



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I have the Komet Butterfly saddle with the original webbing strap intact, and I use a delta link (taped shut) as a slider with a Petzl swivel in the tip, and then I run my split tail system off of that. I use a V.T., so the knot isn't that far out of reach. According to Petzl, the swivel can accomodate up to three carabiners in the opening, and I've done that before without difficulty. It really helps to prevent rope kinking while working a tree.


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I would not feel comfortable installing three 3 biners in the Petzl swivel- seems unsafe to me.
I use a Komet (comet) saddle I shortened the strap when I bought it in Milwaukee to about half it's original length using an industrial leather sewing machine.
I put the Petzl swivel on at that time.
My climbing set up is the LockJack sport, with a DMM Wales captive eye biner on the clevis side. A regual safe lock biner on the other side. Works faily well but I sure would like to strem line the set up with a smaller captive eye if possible.

yes the swivel accepts 3 carabiners. But if you look at the configuration, the biners are meant to be pulling in three different directions. To put two biners pulling the same direction into the holes would cause loading of the swivel in ways it was not intended. It would also be unnerving when you sat back in the saddle and one biner would "POP" into place.

Tree DR,

"two swivels, one per carabiner" This makes no sense. It offers no advantage and costs a lot of money! I can imagine putting one on the end of the line if you had a real problem with line twist.

How about putting it up at the friction saver? Non retrivable in most cases.



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I was merely stating the point that I have seen guys use two. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Why does it not make sense? I think I've seen Mark use 'em.


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I use the swivel in my friction saver my pulley is attched to it and it to the strap,Why partly for the reason that the pulley moves with the ring ,but mostly cause I have no other use for it.Use it for rigging sometimes ,tried it on my saddle but did'nt notice the advantage.


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The problem of attaching multiple anchors to a swivel, such as that made by Petzl, has been solved. I have seen Bob Phillips with a Petzl Paw rigging plate attached to the swivel with a connector. The Paw rigging plate will allow multiple anchors to be connected safely to a single anchor point like that on a saddle.

If attending the TCI Expo in Milwaukee, look forward to seeing Bob do demos at the demo tree. Look at his saddle and how he uses the gizmos he's acquired over the years. If I'm correct, Bob should have the rigging plate and swivel setup attached to his saddle. Bob has some really slick tricks and setups which makes him worthy of being 1 of the attractions at the TCI Expo.


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Dave, that is a quote from Petzl.
I have this swivel but haven`t had a need for it.
It might help on a hitch to saddle connection , I`m not sure.


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you know guys the, the only advantage that I use the swivel for, is just to untwist my line while I'm the tree.Flip the tail over your head and thats about it. Rope is back inline.Better than having to do the hip hopp while out on a limb.
another use, is for a double whip tackle sysyem. Easier to untwist or prevent the floating line from getting all twisted up.


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