Pests on bottom side Beech Tree branches

Hello, previously asked about leaf damage to Beech tree in spring time. Today noticed clusters of a pest, maybe Aphids, located on some of the lower branches. What are they & how to get rid of them. Attached are pictures taken today. last photo of the insect on my finger, didn't focus well, but bleeds red when smashed. Thanks!!!
Jake in Maryland Beech Tree Leaves 2019-05-16 2020-04-07 001.JPG Beech Tree Leaves 2019-05-16 2020-04-07 001.JPG


Thank You very much for your information. I did the research. Being a "farm boy" I was familiar with aphids. I have eliminated the aphids on the most popular, lower branches. That seems to tell me the aphids start upward at the base of the tree. Again, thank you for your help & the ability to post a concern!!

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