Pen-Del ISA Adv. Climber School - Crane Takedowns

The Penn-Del ISA Advanced Climber School with a focus on crane takedowns will be held March 15th-17th, 2012, at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynewood, PA. This course offers hands-on training to give climbers real world experience and familiarity with rigging and cutting techniques used in crane removals.

Instructors include: Pete Nieves-Sosa (The Crane Man, Inc.), Jim Roach (John B. Ward & Co.), Fraser Lay (The Tree Man), Gareth Peoples (TreeMendous Tree Care), Mike Teti (Giroud Tree and Lawn Care), Gene McMillen (Shreiner Tree Care, President Penn-Del ISA), Mike Livingston (Shreiner Tree Care), Rob Thigpen (Schectman Tree Service), and Tony Tresselt (Arborist Enterprises).

Credits offered: TCIA CEU's 22, ISA CEU's 22.5 (BCMA practice 19, BCMA/MNGMT 3.5). The registration fee for the class is $300 (includes course materials, lunch, refreshments). Enrollment is limited, and pre-registration is required. Participants must have at least 2 years climbing experience. Please contact April Hutcheson for more information at 717-979-4959, or by email at

You can also stay updated and see pictures from last years class on the Penn-Del ISA or The Crane Man, Inc. Facebook pages:!/pages/The-Crane-Man-Inc/184342661596206


Any other questions, feel free to message me! We had some great guys turn out last year, and we are looking forward to another great class this year!

So far our sponsors for the class include: Bandit Industries, Northeast Stihl, Modern Equipment, Stephenson Equipment, Sherrill Tree, Manitowoc, American Arborist, Schectman Tree Service, Arborist Enterprises, Shreiner Tree Care, Giroud Tree and Lawn, John B. Ward and Co., Treemendous Tree Care, and The Tree Man. Thanks to all who have already offered their support!
Thanks Chris. Are you going to make it down this year? We've got a great site, and a couple of new instructors with a lot to add. Marc, hope to see you there! This course is really good for CEU's and CTSP credits. Let me know if you have any questions.


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Oh yeah Pete, I'll be there. Already signed up.

I'm just hoping that my elbow is healed up enough after having surgery last Nov. That was why I wasn't able to attend Mark's crane workshop in Mass.


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Pete and the crew he has put together is first class all the way. If any of you thinking of going are on the fence, git off and sign up. Well worth the money and time!


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How'd you make out with the video from the last one?

PS.. that is an awesome roster of instructors..


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Need to get some more work. Ill get in the next few weeks I hope. SLOW SLOW SLOW! Spring needs to arrive, so some people start calling.


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Dan we got it covered, but sign up maybe you can teach us a thing or two

[/ QUOTE ]

are you teaching that cut Big Jon uses on horizontal limbs? That's a SWEET CUT!

Seems like most seminars out there tend to cover little more than the basics... when so much more could be covered... like people are afraid to teach anything advanced...

I tried using a plunge cut from the bucket, just to make the cut easier... plunge and cut down, rather than cut upwards.. worked well for me, though Pete said, they were coming off a little fast... That could be fixed by adjusting the placement of the plunge, but I haven't had a chance to experiment with it yet..

A buddy of mine is up from VA.. he's a storm chaser.. was running a 70 tom and a 120 ton after Irene... yo can run 70 tons over the road in VA.


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Got a preview of the site yesterday. All I can say is if you are attending bring your A game and be ready to cut.

If your on the fence and don't think your up to hard core crane cane work all day then stay on the porch

Spend your money fixing up that VW Cabrio.

Just saying



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I'm a no go for the event. My secondary climber is being deployed for a few weeks which just happens to run straight through these dates.

Enjoy the education. I really wish I could have made it


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"I tried using a plunge cut from the bucket, just to make the cut easier... plunge and cut down, rather than cut upwards.. worked well for me, though Pete said, they were coming off a little fast..."

it does come off too fast, I do that cut all the time . Slow down the cut , it's not a race, it's a marathon, no more experiments please.

Sending my son , he is excited and although he has crane experience , an oppurtunity like this never happened for me in the early 80"s . Great list of instuctors and Pete is a very good op . Besides the Wraptor , this is the bang for the buck . Thanks Pete for putting this together . There was a time when the crane op and the tree cutter asked each other " can it hold" oh and when it didn't. live and learn .

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