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it seems so
but, its what was used before computers, and worked pretty good, id say it could be a good starting spot for a new company, but once you start filling up filing cabinets, you will quickly want to start doing it on a computer


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If you are a small firm using paper documentation, it is advisable to quickly switch to digital. because once you start growing, it will be very difficult to integrate all your documents into a digital system. and working with paper documentation as a big company is time-consuming and almost impossible


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I have experience accepting quotes for work as my last job title was Facilty Manager for a hospital, you'd be surprised at some of the handwritten quotes I received. Night and day difference in professionalism from one company to another. If I had to hire out tree work I'd have to get three quotes from other companies (I couldn't quote it myself even though my side business was licensed and insured, conflict of interest) one company had this nice custom legal pad with their company name and credentials on the letter head. He scribbled all over it taking notes and took the note pad back to his office to create the proposal. He ended up emailing me a week later a scanned copy of that sheet that was hit or miss on what you could read between the chicken scratch, the scanning being blotchy then emailing. Considering it was one if the bigger companies in town, I was very surprised to see that was the best they could do for a proposal.

I use an electronic platform myself and it looks more professional as well as easy to discern one line item from another.


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Probably 95% of my estimates and invoices are hand written.
My email is longer talking to my invoice software and will cost a few grand to fix(hardware issue) but a pen and a piece of paper costs very little and rarely breaks down. And if it does costs a few dollars and trip to the store.

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