Pales Weevil Killing Mature Pines?


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In your experience, can the presence of pales weevils alone result in the death of relatively mature pine trees? I know they can devastate newly planted seedlings in Pine plantation settings, especially in areas that have recently been cleared. I was recently called to a homeowners property. They have had several Pines recently cut and removed that had completely browned out. They took tissue samples to the local Extension Agent who diagnosed the presence of weevils. Is there more likely another cause or combination of causes? The trees range in size from 10-20" DBH. Thank You for any input. I am here to learn!


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I've only heard of it on seedlings. I would think the bark quickly gets too thick for them to chew through...

Maybe I'm nit-picking, but you said the Extension Agent "diagnosed the presence of weevils". I guess I don't doubt that they could very well be present. Was that his diagnosis for cause of death? I see lots of pests that I know are not causing the symptoms I am seeing. I will note the presence, but highlight that they are not the primary cause.

What kind of pine?

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Thanks for the response and the welcome!

Right, I was under the impression that they only caused mortality in very young trees. After taking a slightly closer look at some of the weakened trees in the area I found galleries on portions of the tree where the bark had sloughed off. I feel pretty confident that bark beetles are the true culprit. Again, thank you for the response. I feel like this forum is a fantastic resource for people like me who are wanting to learn more about arboriculture and PHC. Oh, and they are mostly shortleaf pine with a few white pines sprinkled in the mix.

Also, apologies for the delayed reply. I was under the impression I would get an email notification of some sort when there was activity on the thread... going to look at the account settings.