Pads under outriggers on a rental lift?


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For those of you who rent lifts, do they come with outrigger pads or do you not use them? Do you need them on grass?

If they don't come with them, could you use regular wood / plywood instead cut to the appropriate width / length? Are they actually necessary?

There's usually a small pad on the end of the outrigger but I know many people put an additional bigger square pad underneath.


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If you don’t use brand specific outrigger pads you will surely blow up :b

we just use small squares of plywood. Or a full sheet if we suck and forgot them. Only necessary on grass for the smaller lifts, if we used something like an sd64 that’s quite heavy and we’re on a clients concrete driveway we would use them. I had a small lift on a fragile old brick patio the other day, all was good.

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