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The Ontario Tree Climbing Championship rolls into the City of Sarnia this month. The competition takes place on Saturday, September 17 in Sarnia’s Canatara Park. Preliminary events begin at 8:30 a.m. and a trade show of arborist equipment and services will be featured throughout the day.
Shoot, I'd have gone to help if I knew before 4:00 yesterday when I booked a removal for all day tomm. Next year. That's funny too cuz I was wondering the other day if you competed in addition to all the volunteering. Good luck, have fun, be safe.


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Women's Division:
2nd place - Trish Lear
1st place - Wenda Li (nice work Wenda)

Men's Division:
4th place - Iain Pike
3rd place - Andrew Drummond
2nd place - Sean Hoondert
1st place.....breaking the previous OTCC record of consecutive wins....John Ransom with number 5 in a row.

A great day in the end, many hard faught battles, some hard luck (Mark Cooke who is an impressive sight to see in a work climb, dropped a saw) and lots of fellowship. Thanks to all of the judges and volunteers who made the day happen.

Oh and little 'ole me, I dissapointed myself with some poor performances, and fell a notch or 2 from my last couple of comps.

Mark Chisholm

Well done Wenda and John. /forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Kevin, being there and having the right "spirit" is more precious than doing your best. I too would like to win every comp I enter, but it really is more important to participate in good spirits than it is to win or lose. I'm sure that I;m not the only one that feels this way. Right?


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Right. I,ve been competing for 13 years, and am still haveing a ton of fun. This year was Brian Kotwica's 15 th, year.

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