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So, I recently purchased a '97 Vermeer BC1800. The belt is squealing on the bigger logs more than I think it should. The belt adjustment seems super easy according to the manual. Upon removing the shield though, I quickly noticed the "scale" was no longer visible. Looks like a sticker has worn off. So, my question is how tight should I make the belt.

I increased the belt tension a little and will monitor the squeal, I just didn't know if there was a proper way to measure tension without the scale for these old Vermeers.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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The official Bandit tension measurement is “not more than one inch of deflection with about 100 pounds of force at the center of the belt.” Maybe try approximating that on the lower part of the belt where the idler pulley is not. Those belts should be REALLY tight, so don’t worry much about overtightening. We pretty much crank on the tensioner bolts on our big Bandit until we can’t pull on the wrenches anymore and that’s usually about right.

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