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Question for all you companies that have an office to work out of. I am looking for some idea's and pictures of how you have your office set up. Looking to see what your job board looks like and how you organize the crew to dispatch in the morning. I am almost all digital, but I can not send the crew out with an IPAD as we have poor cell service in almost all the areas we work.
The crew arrives at 7am. I want to have the weeks Jobs all set out for then. I want the flexibility to look at jobs at 7am and I want the crew to have the knowledge and structure to start their day without me onsite to assist. Lets see what you guys got.....If you don't mind sharing. I am open to ideas on how to set this up.


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Big dry erase board helps.

Pin board for hanging clipboards and work orders by day and crew for that work week also works.

Spaces to write needed tools, equipment, materials for future jobs too.

I wont frighten you with a picture of my desk however. Something was moving in one drawer and I think I heard distant chanting or something in a language of unknown origin.


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Local used office supply:
- 1 4'x8' cork board (pin up work orders for week 1 and week 2)
- 1 4'x8' blank white board (use cheap pin striping from auto supply to delineate 2-3 months advance scheduling)

Hanging mine by myself was a PITA and made easier with using the Ramset strait through the aluminum frame.


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We use a magnetic dry erase board with crew names (red, blue, etc.) on top, then crew members names, trucks, and extra equipment on magnetic strips. The board gets set up either the evening before or early in the am so the crews can get packed and organized while sales is briefing the crew leaders. We also keep a rack with the week's work orders printed out so we can look ahead. When kept up, it really helps everyone prepare themselves and the equipment for what's coming, which provides intangible and tangible momentum to the company, respectively.


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Ours is nothing fancy. Each crew gets a clip board with today's date. job 1 on top, job 2 behind, job 3 and so on. The office staff hangs the clip board for each crew foreman to pick up in the morning. Foreman are there at 6:30am to discuss any questions with management and sort what equipment goes out before the rest of the guys at 7:00am. We use three part carbon copy bid sheets.


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All great info! I tend to lack in this department as well. I have the work orders on clipboards the night before too but struggle with having a set schedule for a month in advance. Everyone has those last minute jobs for clients that MUST GET DONE. Curios how those jobs affect you guys who schedule way in advance? Longer Days, Saturdays, move the entire schedule back? Thats a lot of phone calls to make. Also any creative ways of delineating what equipment is going to what job? We are at a point with multiple loaders, chip trucks, crane, bucket etc. and theres always that morning when I overbook trucks or equipment.


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Something in the middle perhaps- at my last job, all of the information relevant to the crew was entered into Google calendar, but probably no good without service either. It was nice, as an employee, to be able to look at jobs before going to do them as well as looking at how much work we had had scheduled at present. I never handled a single piece of paper at that job outside of crane tickets. (y)
That is how I am currently set up. I have a google calendar with all the jobs scheduled with a copy of the work order for the day attached to that day. The issue is service. They have service first thing in the morning, but then throughout the day they do not have service at certain locations. The issue with that is you never know where it will happen.
I also don't like the idea of a misplace IPAD or phone where someone could have access to my customers info. The only info is phone numbers, address, email, and I also have the price on the job for the crew to see. I like to have an open company in regards to my employees being kept in the loop on things like how much a job cost, if it runs over, and if they completed it on time..etc.
I am leaning towards having the foreman in the morning, go to the google calendar while he's at the shop. Then printing out the W/O for the day with the tailgate safety/job review form. They then proceed to go out and do the work as prescribed in the work order and then they will turn that W/O in at the end of the day for billing. This will also have the job briefing they did all signed by all involved that I can file away in the event OSHA comes knocking:)


Side note on jobber and cell service- no go lol. We are just starting to use jobber and we also work in an area that has spotty coverage. The way around it that we are currently using is to screen shot the important info.


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You could use a tool like Trello, it is cloud based but only for updates, so if the crew was out of range they could see all instructions from that morning just not any spur of the moment changes.

The learning curve is fairly low as well.

It is basically virtual whiteboards with cards, checklists, etc.


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Also, its seems inevitable that phones and or iPads get forgotten or batteries die, no service etc. I really do like the idea and how clean it is but personally I feel like technology could be blamed for problems pretty easily....We have jobber and Im working to set the foreman up as users who can log in and see the schedule, I can send work orders etc. but Ill still send a work order with every job to be filled out and returned for billing.


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You can also print or save PDFs from Jobber for dissemination without the use of the internet.

Password or fingerprint ID on iPads is nothing new. I "have" to use a finger print on both of my phones to access the home screen due to an app that I use for another endeavor. I also have to use the fingerprint scanner and a password to open the app on my phone or the program on my computer.

If you go that route, my suggestion is to save multiple fingers. At first it was a major inconvenience vs no password for years. I save the thumb and index fingers for both hands, which made it easier. Now it's just part of life.

I don't have crews, but if I was setting up an office and I was already digital, I'd like to think I'd have digital boards as well to show crew assignments print off work sheets if internet access isn't reliable. I abhor my handwriting, but typing is easy.

I have considered going much the same route with my family, a centralized screen to show the various ins and outs of what is going on that could be updated by any of our phones or computers. The family schedule isn't my responsibility and she likes hand written notes/paper calendars so there you go.
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Google calendar is the best we have found so far. We have 2 sales staff calendars and 1 "jobs" calendar for 2 crews. All 3 calendars are merged into one for myself and my wife who runs the office and the phone. All customer info is stored in the customers estimate calendar event, if they accept a job, duplicate the event, move it to the jobs calendar, change the title to which crew is doing it and fill in the time slot. It only takes about 10-30 seconds to schedule a job, all the customer info transfers over. Our schedule gets shuffled around a lot and it is very fast on google calendar, i found scheduling on arborgold to be a cluster fck.

We tried Arborgold and while it does have some nice features it was actually slowing us down. Our system didn't really fit in with the program and I think is geared more for larger companies or lawn/spraying work.

At the shop we have a job board, clipboard for each crew for each day. They take the clipboard, match the job sheet up with the calendar event, tap the address on their phone and off they go.