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I need opinions from the sort of arborists who frequent this section of the forum.
My grandparents have a large (4+ foot dbh. I should measure it sometime) Celtis laevigata in their front yard. About 30 years ago about half of its root system was asphalted over.

It has large roots everywhere. My grandfather is blind and is concerned about tripping over the roots when he walks the dog. I think he's 74 now, so he is getting less agile. He was asking about bringing in dirt or mulch to make gentle slopes and I said that is a no-go. He mentioned gravel. I said that I would ask you guys.

So, can I pile gravel over an old established root system without causing harm? The maintenance isn't a concern. The guy that handles landscaping just needs to know what he can do without hurting the tree.


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You can probably get away with that.
How deep will it be?
I would avoid limestone gravel as it can raise pH over time.
River stone can be quite attractive.

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