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I haven't used it but the price and capacity leave me with something more to desire.
Get what you pay for comes to mind.
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This is the Notch Modular cart, I love it! That’s a 65’ 14” dbh pine in one trip, it’s well ballanced so pulling a load that big is really easy with two people. It’s a huge time saver


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I would not buy it for logs - it is too gracile. I dented my stein arbor trolley in two places. It does not look well designed for lighter brush (handle too close to load, v-supports to close to each other, no verticals to retain brush like the arb trolley has), which is where I could see a space in the market for a light-duty cart.


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I swear there was a guy awhile back who said it was complete junk. Had couple hundred into upgrades and still sucked

Your probably thinking of this post.

QUOTE="Raven27, post: 528537, member: 5306"]
My partners wife bought us this log cart from northern tool. It's cheap for sure. The handle always feels like it's going to snap off at any time. We've primarily used it for brush and as of yet haven't made upright, but used saplings in the holes to give us our brush holding capacity. Only used it a few times and it's been love hate. Not a quality item, there is slop in tbe handle as someone mentioned. My partner likes to engineer everything to make it work so he bough a wider axle and solid tires as the ones that came with it were so cheap that when inflated to recommend pressure, the sidewall blew out on one.
The chain to hold logs has no attachment point to secure it to the cart so unless you do what we did. You have to drag it around with you. We added a clamp to the bottom of the frame to hold chain, and a small hook on the handle help with a hose clamp to hold other end of chain. It's also not a very long chain. When it's loaded properly, it will pull the brush fairly well, but the handle position/shape makes it awkward to use. Definitely a short term solution until we buy the arbor trolley.

Here is the thread that the above quote came from.

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