No exhaust gasket?


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I'm doing a bit of saw maintenance and took my exhaust off of my ms200t for the first time to clean it out. Found some carbon built up in it and 3/4 clogged spark arrested. Burned and wirebrushed all of that out, but noticed that there was not a gasket on the muffler. Local Stihl dealers have to order it, so I thought I'd look at a couple of junk ms180 s to see if they were interchangeable, and neither of the 180 s had a gasket either? Is this normal for certain models? The 200 was bought used, I assumed it was put back together without it, but both of the 180 s were bought new and I've never had the mufflers off until now.

Additionally, do I need to put a gasket on with the reassembly? Normally I'd think so, but it's been running without it. I've had this saw and run it like this since August 2018

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