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We still do not know who won(why, I don't know), but I would like to extend my respect to all that competed yesterday. We could not have had a better day. Way to go Mark, and also to my Tamke guys. I'm really proud of you. T


who's kidding who Mark took it hands down I stunk up the place but met some good young climbers and was able to share some things with them thats what its all about.


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I don't know Roach. You don't give yourself enough credit. You did really well. Hat's off. Good job.


Here let me tickle your starfish some more Roachy
You were in the game the whole day.You did good. I was ready to grab my gear. Was a nice work climb tree. Rescue was weak though.It was a good day...bunch of good climbers representn'. You just make sure you bring it to Pennsy' next year.



And the winner is Mark Chisholm. Jim Roach took second and Billy Suyker took third. In the womens event Katie Yoos took first place. Congrats to all those who competed. More info to follow on the winners of each event.


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There was no smell coming from you Roachy watching you climb is a real treat! I was the only HUMAN SEPTIC TANK that day but I still had alot of fun! and did better than my first year competeing.

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