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I was wondering if any women here have experience working in New Zealand and could point me in the direction of some good companies.

I'm a climber with 2 years experience and am about to get my arborist certification.


Merle Nelson

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Welcome to TreeBuzz Candace. This forum, Women of the Trees, is a great idea. But, in practice I see it can be months between women posting here.

Another option could be to also post in the wider forum (s) under ,climbing, and ,jobs, type forums. Lots of climbers from down under post on TreeBuzz.


There is work available easily in New Zealand right now, it's a vocation that's in high demand. Treetech in Christchurch has a good reputation regarding employment of women, short and long-term. The company is based in Christchurch, in the South Island and Wellington in the North Island.


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Its hard to get a visa right now. They are not accepting visa apps. For skilled employment until further notice. Most likely due to elections