New unicender with rope lodgic Tether


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Good evening all. I have for sale a brand new unicender with a rope logic tether. I am a new Climber. And I had it on my wish list for my birthday. I bought one just before my birthday and forgot to remove it and received another one as a gift. I love the unit however I don’t feel I need two of them. This thing is brand new in the box or bag should I say. Has never even been on a rope.

Asking 320$ shipped to the lower 48 states
I’m located in Woodstock ga
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Thank you for correcting me I only started climbing with Mechanicals a few weeks ago before that I was on a Blake's hitch but the first 10 years I climbed the lineman's belt I single Flipline that I made out of rope and a pair of Spurs every time I came to a limp either had to cut it off or unhook to move above it re hook the man I worked for that I don't know if you got three balls or if you are the stupidest person I know

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