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We got our truck back two weeks ago from being lettered up. It's a 98 international, clean well kept. I was looking for some feed back on the lettering too much or not enough.



I just sent the photo to my grapics guy. It will be on my truck next week. Just kidding, I agree with masterblaster put the name on the doors also.


I'd be happy to send over the PDF format for the lettering. I could use all advertising I can get.

I do have the company slogan and website on the cab doors at the bottom. We kinda thought we got our message across with the lettering on the box.


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Put a small logo on the doors, no number! And put something on the door to the chip box, no number! I am not a big fan of having phone #'s on the truck. Word of mouth is best.
You can also put you name across the top of the truck above the cab.

Great looking truck!


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I wouldn't take the time to hunt down a company that didn't have their name and number on their trucks. I get great leads doing work in gated communities with clean trucks with phone numbers on them. I think the logo is just right, I see a lot of trucks around that are so busy that you can't take it all in. Name, logo, phone #, website, is about it for us, although the previous owner did put "Licensed and insured for your protection" at the bottom. I could do without it, but it was already there.

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