New Stump grinder


Hey all looking for input on a new Bandit grinder. Im leaning towards a SG-75 or the 2650 T. But have not ruled out the 2900T with the 165hp motor yet. I have looked at all the specs and am versed in weight sweep cutting depth wheel size etc but Im looking for real world experience and not u tube vids of half rotted 16" pine stumps. So my primary questions are
1) Anyone know first hand which will grind faster between the 75 & 2650?
2) Reliability issues with either esp in the hydraulic motor vs jackshaft drive
3) How much faster is the 2900 on comparable stumps vs the other 2 grinders? Are they 5 minutes slower / 10 minutes slower than a 2900 on a 36" oak etc....?

At this point Im not looking at any other brands. The dealer support I have gotten thus far on my other Bandit equipment has been top notch and I can't say the same for all the other brands I own and others I am familiar with firsthand.
Dealer has offered me a demo on all 3 the problem right now is he can't get all 3 due to the virus. But I plan to try them all first chance I get.

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