New sk 800

We just got a new mt 100 about a month ago. We ordered it March 22nd. (We’re a firewood business). It was supposed to be six weeks. Then extended into ten weeks.
it turned into ten and a half weeks before it was shipped. Then took another 3.5 weeks or so before it arrived.
One piece of advice I’ll give is keep your financing ability open again. Since the original wait time was so long we had to do another credit app again upon arrival. That cost us another two weeks.
forks never arrived and they were not being made (we picked up another set from an outside retailer).
we got a grapple and standard 36” bucket as well.


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Has anyone ever looked into smooth-ish or turf friendly tracks for the SK800? Size is Wx72x44. Nobody seems to make them. I can find Wx72x45 for bobcat in hex pattern that looks pretty non-aggressive. Curious if the track tensioner will adjust that far out.

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