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I've been a tree buzz lurker for a while, but not had any questions I couldn't answer through searching the archives. Well here goes.

I just bought a new climbing rope (Arbormaster) and before putting it in the kit, gave it the ol' once over and found what looks like nylon fuzzies stuffed under a strand in several widely separated locations on the rope. I've attached a picture so yall can see. No outer strands are cut, frayed or look anything other than new. Picking out one of the fuzzies from under a strand shows it isn't connected to anything. It looks like nylon chaff that was floating around when the rope was woven at the factory. Is it anything to worry about? Thanks for any information.



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i bought an arb master that looked like that before. is the rope more flexable where the section of rope has fuzzies? if not it might not be the core material. have you tried pulling it out with tweezers?? if your in doubt send it back. dont take any risks when life line ropes are involved. thats something i have learned here. all the guys here will agree with me that if in doubt dont climb on it.


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If it is the core then i would try to milk the cover back over it. Arbormaster is a cover dependent line so it would not really effect the strength of the rope. Just make sure you have pictures in case you still are not happy with it. The core on that rope is there to keep the round shape of the rope. As long as the cover strands are not affected or picked i would climb on it. Just my opinion all in all its better that you are comfortable with the line. It is a terrible feeling climbing on gear you don't trust.

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It is probably fine, but since you paid hard earned money for it and it was like that brand new out of the bag I would send it back for a replacement.
Personally, I am not a fan of any in-continuities in rope. I know that in our industry rope often takes quite the beating, but considering that is a new rope, I would also send it back for a replacement. There may be nothing wrong with it, but I wouldn't want to take the chance of finding out. Considering the nature in which the rope was intended to be used (life support) I don't foresee the manufacturer having a problem replacing the rope in question with one that meets your approval.
Good on ya for being skeptical. Safety first!



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Don't use the rope or try to pry the fiber out. Send or take it back for a replacement. Keep your image for your protection. Don't do anything to it, just send it back. It's very clear that it's a factory defect.
Samson has a very good replacement policy on ropes like that.


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Hi all,

Just wanted to follow up on my post. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful responses. I sent the rope back to Sampson for replacement. Both they and the vendor were very responsive. I'll post more if I hear anything about what caused the defect.


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