New Gas Chippers how are they?


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Atglen, PA
Heck of a thread bump. I'm still running a 2001 7.3 diesel F350 but those new 7.3 gassers sure seem good so far. While I do question the reliability/longevity of newer and ever more complex engines, it does have me wondering if I'll wind up with gas on my next truck.
I wonder about the longevity of some of these engines too, but the power is impressive! We bought a 2021 GMC 2500 in March, with the new 6.6 gas, and that truck is fast! I would put it up against the diesel any day, and I expect it would hold its own with no trouble. But I don’t expect it would go 300k+ miles without troubles like the diesel. For $11k less though, do I care if it does?

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