New crane slings -- arbsession community project


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So @Tr33Climb3r and I have been working on a new set of crane slings. Whilst the wesspur Quantum X slings are amazing they are not well suited to the thick bark cottonwood trees I deal with daily. The fibers pick easy and do not pull easy across the thick bark. I have used the amsteel II slings as well and they work quite well but are super stiff and lack a little in WLL capacity. We are working to develop a sling with a weighted end and that have a 5K WLL limit. What are other ideas you guys would like to see? Lengths you would like to have available? End hardware that is utilized? The sky is the limit these things are in development phase, any and all ideas are welcomed.


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I have 3 25 foot slings I had my supplier make. Double braid with a Plasma core (same or better than Amsteel Blue.) Stiffish, so they don't pick. One is 9/16th, so it has an appx 30,000 tensile . They're not certified...Similar to amsteel 2 but Puget Sound Ropes' product. There's only one eye, but a second eye would allow for a shackle to be used to give some weight for ease of placement.
My guess is, you're way ahead of me there...


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Good project Jared, 2 25’s & a 30 work the best, keep us updated, I need a new set for my new knuckle boom that will be ready come spring time. Weighted ends are a great feature for sure.


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Can weight be added to a spliced eye? Then the sling could be used for canopy and trunk wood picks, and would be easy to whip around the branch...


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A couple of things we have talked about when it comes to the weights specifically. I am looking to somehow incorporate these into the ends.
I want to have a clean finish on the weighted end that resembles a bar stitch.
In regards to cordage
The cordage will be high viz yellow and orange. Polyester cover with a dyneema core.
Now I am thinking of having a decent tracer that breaks up the hi viz.
Length seems like the easiest thing to choose. (2) 25' and (1) 30' has been the most common lengths mentioned.
I'm really excited for this. I see the need and potential.