Need resume advice as a contract worker


I've been working in this industry for several years now and I'm not sure how to make a resume of it. I guess it's really all been 1099 work or cash. I'm already just going to omit most of the outfits I worked with. But aside from that, I'm trying to figure out how to make a concise resume out of this time period.

-Ive worked at several companies, overlapping, intermittent, just staying busy. Sometimes full time and sometimes part time.
-I've worked in all the roles i could--groundsman, climber, bucket truck operator
-residential, commercial, utility work.
-describing responsibilities under each job will be completely redundant.

Oh and the best part is, I'm trying to switch to a different career path as a full time thing. So I'll have a section emphasizing general abilities and skills before a work history.

If anyone has a genius way you've formatted yours, I'd really appreciate sharing it here or in private message.


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You are very articulate. What are you trying to do? Just from your post I am sure you will be fine at whatever you do. I too have been doing this for many years. I have thought of other lines of work, but I just can't seem to bleed out all the 2 cycle out of my vains. In retrospect I can't imagine my life anyway else. There are several other roles that you can pursue in this industry. Definitely sounds like you have the experience and knowledge to do many of them. Good luck to you sir.

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You may want to consider drafting a Curriculum Vitea as opposed to a Resume.

A CV is a longer more detailed chronological list of expereince and work history accomplishments awards and what not.

The advantage is a CV does not change for a specific job as a resume will. It just gets added to. The cover letter chages but not the document.


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