Need a climber in CO, Boulder County.


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Longmont, CO
Looking to pick up a climber for a day or two in Colorado, Boulder County. Primarily pruning, big and medium trees, some removals also but more so pruning. I look at our work as safety for crew and customers first, quality of work then production next. We need to be efficient and get work done but I would rather take extra time to do the work correctly compared to rushing through to get work done. $300-$400 a day is our average around here it seems. Need GL, own gear and all that good stuff. Would prefer an ISA certified arborist but I know that doesn't always happen and doesn't mean someone isn't a competent climber....Let's chat if any interest. In general we work Wed-Sat, 8-4. Thank you, Chad
Me, 720.357.1646

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