NC SC GA Experienced Climber for hire

15 Years experience

Completed Arbormaster training;

Climbing levels 1&2
Precision felling levels 1&2
Rigging levels 1&2
Hazardous tree risk assessment
Cabling & Bracing

I am also proficient in Bucket truck/Crane work.
Sales experience

Will travel
Day rates available
References available
Climbing and rigging gear included.


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@AJ Gallagher; Hey, AJ! I thought you might be interested in this Craigslist ad looking for a climber. The final line in the ad makes it about the coolest "Help wanted" ad I've ever seen. The job offering is for Morgantown, West Virginia. I've never been there, but my impression of the place is that it is a beautiful, mountainous area. They probably get a ton of snow in the winter, though. The ad is currently only one day old, I think. It might be worth a look?



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Hey, @AJ Gallagher!

Oddly enough I was looking at the Craigslist job listings for the Buffalo, New York area, and saw this job listing for a company that is right in your neck of the woods. I guess they are trying to appeal to climbers that might want a change from cold winters. It looks to me like they're offering a really decent wage compared to most I see, and they sound like a professional outfit. The listing is currently 10 days old right now. Maybe you could give them a call?


P.S. Using the "@" symbol in front of a forum member's name, with no spaces in between, will generate a notification to that member that he or she has been "mentioned" in a thread. Since I forgot to "follow" this particular thread, I missed your thank you to me until I stumbled on it today. Quoting someone's entire post will also generate a notification, but it's a waste of space to do so if there have been no posts in between. I hope this is helpful.

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