My knuckleboom hooklift mecanil sg160 build


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The build up/fabrication should be starting on this project soon, so I figured I'd start this thread on it. I should be able to post a fair amount of pictures of the process, hopefully, since the crane shop is about 20 minutes away. Unfortunately the crane was only shipped out from Italy on Monday (Memorial Day)...which means it won't arrive till around June 25th. The good news is the crane shop will be starting the fab work to the truck before it arrives.

Here are the pictures I have so far.

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Lots of nice frame out front for a stabilizer out there. Best of luck with your build!


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Short walk around clip of the back end of the truck. They have the hooklift sitting on the truck, but haven't install the mounting plates yet. You can see the plates, briefly, on the floor against the wall. The rear frame was shortened and the rear bumper area started.



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Geez! That not be cheap! Hope you have lots of work for it!
It isn't cheap at all, costs more than our house. It is a long term investment...less reliable employees out there these days (so focused on equipment to do the work), running crane is something I can do a lot longer than climbing etc, safer/more efficient work, we been booked out 6 months for the last 2-3 years (currently booked till February even with this crane as part of that schedule). We do about 40% removals 40% trimming (which may end up changing some but I'm hoping not).

Ps- I run (always have) a 2 man operation with only one crew...myself and one other guy.
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I don't have all the specs yet, but here is the list.

Truck specs
Western star 4700SF
Truck length =
Truck empty weight =
Gvwr = 66,000 lbs (not confirmed but should be correct)
Wheelbase = 263”
Front outrigger width = 25’ 7”
One side to truck = 9’
Rear outrigger width = 18’9”
One side to truck =
Distance from front of truck to crane =
Distance from rear of truck to crane =

Reach and capacities
Fassi F515RA.2.26L426
Max live reach horizontal = 92’6”
Max capacity at full reach = 1,146 lbs
Max reach with manual = 98’
Max capacity at 98’5” = 882 lbs
Max live reach vertical = 102’
Max capacity at full reach = 1,102 lbs
50° tilt on jib capacity = 1642 lbs
Max with manual = 108’
Max capacity with fly-jib on = 6,614 lbs at 34’7” horizontal or 70’ vertical
Max reach with no fly-jib horizontal = 53’6”
Max capacity at full reach = 5,170 lbs
Max reach with no fly-jib vertical = 67’
Max capacity at full reach = 9,810 lbs
Max capacity when not extended = 24,250 lbs at 12’2” horizontal or 27’ vertical

Hooklift specs
Stellar 108-14-40
Hooklift capacity = 40,000 lbs
Max carrying weight capacity =
Chip capacity = 14 yards
Log length capacity = 12’6”
Container interior dimensions = 13’x8’x5’
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Very cool! Sweet truck! I hear ya on the reliable employee thing. Hard to find consistent, reliable, good help. Especially experienced.

That truck will do you justice.

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Look forward to the build. It's going to be awesome. Why did you choose the Fassi over the Palfinger or Effer? I am looking at buying or building one as well and wonder which one to choose.

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