My first time (spectator) at a Comp. (Australia)

We just had our National Championships!
It was here in Launceston, Tasmania for the first time, 4 days ago.
Held in our beautiful City Park it was a fabulous event. 6 events in 6 trees. Superbly organised. And it was not just myself but others who also experienced what a friendly and supportive bunch of people we had in the participants and spectators from the industry.
And what a totally quirky thing competition events are! Just like the real work situations they simulate! Trouble with tangles, troubles with the "perfect throw" that got the bags up but they would NOT come down..........
A terrific event demonstrating once again to me how it is not the winning but the participation and the event as a whole which is what it's all about.
The generosity of spirit in our most experienced climbers in their sharing of their knowledge over the weekend was truely wondeful.
I've not been amongst many groups where generosity of spirit is so consistent a feature.
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The masters came down to one point between myself and Ged Reynolds, luck turned out to be on my side. As for the avitar, it is a staged pic of me making use of some sap, what can I say, boys will be boys.

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