Municipal Field Arborists Needed Coastal Virginia


That would be nice Steve! Especially if we could use that k boom on the cheap;):lol:......Look forward to meeting you in person...any folks you may know who may be interested even slightly put them in touch with me. as for yourself hopefully we will be able to touch base in person in the near future....wish we could pay you your NFD pay as I am sure you would be worth it. Nothing is out of the question as far as recruiting valuable members to our Urban Forestry Team at this poin. I look forward to catching up in person.



Steve Connally

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Sounds great. Knowing the City they might not be happy with you to hire me at my current salary. I will keep my ears open. The pickings are kind of slim for good employees in this market. Thats why I hired a crane instead of a groundsman. Keep me in mind when you guys have some crane work. I'll do whatever is needed to get on the vendor list. Take care of my buddy Andy. He's a super good guy!! Good luck with your search and feel free to drop into station 6 anytime i'm working.


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Those are really good salaries for city field workers. Savannah GA has had ads out in the recent past for tree trimmers at $26k and crew foremen at $28k. They had a tough time filling them if they ever did. Wonder why??

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