MSA161T with batteries and charger


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I am selling a new MSA161T with 2 AP300 batteries and an AL300 charger. The saw does not come with a bar or chain and I have literally only two cycles on both batteries. They are almost new. I have another saw and I just don’t see the need for two currently.

$575, CONUS. Checks or money order only. I do not except PayPal anymore, since having an issue with my identity stolen. First to PM gets the goods. I think you could ask anyone on this forum and I am good for smoking deals and getting the product to you. It may take a week or so for shipping, but I am 110% legit. Retail on this set up is well over $830.


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I was just about to get another 150... unless you think these are equally as awesome if not better I could get down with the battery.


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I work with him when I go home to PA to visit daughter and grandkids and he doesn't give me a first shot at this stuff.


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We use the husqvarna battery saws at work and I think they are excellent, but I don't have any experience with the Stihl stuff. Can anyone compare and contrast these? I've seen the Stihls in the hardware store and the husky saws look a little more robust to my eye but would love to hear from someone who's used both.


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On the other hand, $575 is a bit out of the budget right now. Maybe in a month when I'm home he will let me try the one he is keeping.

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