Ms 661 full wrap handle


I have almost a brandy new one on. I don't Ike it. Mostly logging. It gets caught up in the snow can't fit in the machines and is heavy!
I would like to trade handles with someone. Half wrap only.
I will pay shipping on the whole transaction.
I am using the saw everyday so I I need your half wrap first...



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Newport News, VA
Honestly? I had given thought to getting a 3/4 wrap handle for my MS661C, but your problem description just convinced me to keep the 1/2 wrap. Thanks! Or maybe I ought to say, "Sorry!"
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Yeah it's a bummer. Thought it would be awesome and I haven't really used it much at all.
At the moment we are cutting some quality hardwood and stumps need to be low. It is a huge hindrance with the wrap catching in the snow etc to get that low stump.
I think it works out west coast cos those guys high stump their trees...
Oh well hoping some one has interest


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