MS 461 R or 661 RCM?


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I've got a 261 20" bar. I've felled, bucked and stumped cut trees up to 34" at base. About 40 trees in the past 3 months. It's been a damned fun saw. However, I don't want to over tax that saw. I can get either 461R or 661RCM saw for same out the door price. What do y'all think. (R for wrap handle and dual felling dogs, not Rescue saw)

Rob Stafari

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661for certain. For the same price as a 461 that is a no brainer. On top of that a 661 would have an open stall in my stable. The 461 slots are filled with dolmar/makita 7900s and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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I'm with Rob, go with the 661. I've got two of the 461's and love them but for the same money take the 661.


De' Island Buzzer away from store and do not look back. That saw is super impressive....I used to have 460's ...but when this came out to replace the was all over

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